Sophia Lucas was founded to solve a HUGE industry secret.

Not all essential oils are the same.

For example, Lavender oil from your supermarket is not the same as the lavender oil that you can get at a different store.

There so many factors that you never know what you’re actually buying - and it might even be something harmful.

Some companies create their formulas in their own labs and this can cause them to cut costs which weakens their formulas and sell worse products. 

Let’s say an Aromatherapy company doesn’t meet its sales targets and they have staff and expenses to pay, if they are mixing their own formulas in their own labs, they might actually weaken their formulas and put in fewer oils than they usually would into their blends to save money and cut costs.

This is why we founded SophiaLucas.com.


It took us ages to arrange and we left no stone unturned but we finally managed to cooperate with what’s called an Independent Lab. 

At SophiaLucas.com we design our formulas to fulfil and benefit our customers, and then we give these Essential Oil formulas to the lab. The lab creates the blends and then sends them back to us SophiaLucas.com to then provide our customers with these exclusive blends of Essential Oils that are NOT found anywhere else.

When you buy from SophiaLucas.com, you are buying our unique formulas designed for by our talented team with years of experience.

This makes the oils 100% natural and raw giving you the BEST consistent experience every time

The Independent Lab has no reason to cut corners ever, so this means that the Essential Oils you get from us here at SophiaLucas.com are always 100% high-quality and as described and full of the natural oils our brand want in our products.

This means you always get what you pay for with SophiaLucas.com, unlike many other brands.